Trust in the Lord
and lean not unto
your own
Proverbs 3:5

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Bible Time

Welcome to Bible Time. The audio files are all 3-6 minute devotional messages that are meant to encourage and
strengthen your faith in our Lord. Feel free to right click and "Save As" on any or all to download to your computer.
You may want to share in a group setting or ministry.

Hearing The Voice of God

Change & Stability

Hope & Victory


The Light of The World

Entering Into His Rest

Warring Angels

Wrestling Matches

Trust Strength Power

This Is The Day

Blood Bought

Word Life

What's Not To Love

Redeeming The Time

 Choice and Destiny

Desires of The Heart


Stinking Thinking


Back To Bethel

Crosses & Crowns


Inspiration & Anointing


Truth or Consequences

Angels Unaware


Tongue Tied

Being A Good Steward


Living Faith

Spiritual Gifts

Shadows of Evil

The Whosoever Generation


Getting To The Other Side


There Is A Reason For That

Free Will

The Witness of The Spirit

Who Are You

Waiting Upon The Lord

Overcoming Temptation

Body or Building

False Prophets

Proof Positive

Resurrection Power

Anything and Everything

Foreknowledge & Predestination

Stumbling blocks


Eternal Life

Two Houses

Yes Lord

The Rapture of The Church

A Discussion on Life

About God

Divine Destiny


Give Thanks

Spirit Flesh

Living Water

God And Bad Things

Heaven Or Hell

The New Creature

Deaths Door

The Referee

Sowing and Reaping

No No No

Being A Witness

A Soft Answer

Divine Appointments

Left Behind

The Mystery of The Looking Glass

Always The Same

Now & Then

Fear To Faith

Walking Instructions

Giant Killer

Valley of Decision

Holy Hooks

Pleasing In His Sight

Spiritual Warfare

The Divine Initiative

The Divine Perspective

God's Flashlight

No Weapon

Life's Most Important Questions

Grace Or What

Valley of Baka

Original Sin And You


The Power of Praise

Working Together For Good

Something Out of Nothing

Divine Destiny


The Dammed

The Mystery of Iniquity

Growing In Grace

Follow The Leader

Beauty & The Beast


Game Over



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